Comprehensive Manuals for
How-To-Start and Operate your own Assisted Living Facility.
On-Site Consulting


Assisted Living Group Consultants offer 'How to Manuals' for starting your own assisted living facility.  With our easy to follow manuals, telephone contact and/or on-site access to our nationally experienced consultants you will be able to start an assisted living facility with ease. Assisted Living Group Consultants' manuals and consulting services have been utilized, since 1993, to assist with the start-up of new assisted living projects for individuals, hospitals, healthcare companies, entrepreneurs and real estate developers. Assisted Living Group's consulting services also provides assistance to improve census, operations and profits for existing facilities. Whenever you need help with your project, we will be here to support your needs. We offer state and county specific demographic studies, application and licensure assistance and state specific policies and procedures. We are just a telephone call away for your personal assistance.


How-To manuals for the start-up and operation of a new assisted living facility

Assisted Living Group Consultants' manuals have been utilized, since 1993, to assist with the start-up of new assisted living projects for individuals, hospitals, healthcare companies, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, American Indian reservations and VA Hospitals nation wide.

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If you are starting a 16-24 bed assisted living facility , these consulting packages have the essential operational and construction information to satisfy your state as well as federal requirements. These assisted living consulting packages will result in your complete ownership of an assisted living facility where you keep all the profits. Assisted Living Group Consultants’ tried and true practical methods, manuals and blue prints have been developed from our national consulting projects

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On-Line Residential Care Home Course for 4-10 residents. In this course you will learn the basics for starting an residential care home business.

  • Marketing for an assisted living
  • Residential care homes
  • Client Assessment
  • Designing for people with disabilities
  • Food Service

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Manuals for How to Operate an Assisted Living Facility and 24 hour Residential Care Facilities

Assisted Living Information Package - Assisted Living Policies & Procedure Manual - A Complete Guide to Operations, Management & Marketing for an Assisted Living Facility - Senior’s Housing and Care Facilities- Documentation System for Assisted Living - Business Plan for a New Assisted Living Facility - Proposed 50 unit Assisted Living Facility - Analyzing Seniors' Housing Markets - Assisted Living Basic Operational Manual - Assisted Living Administrative Guidelines - Assisted Living Operating Proforma and Financial Feasiblitiy Analysis - Financial Statements for a New Assisted Living Project - Cognitive Therapeutic Activities for Seniors Plus Memory Care Activities - Emergency and Disaster Procedures for an Assisted Living Facility - The Human Factor in Starting Your Own Business - Financing Guide - Assisted Living Blue Prints (2 Story) - Assisted Living Blue Prints 24 Studio Facility - Assisted Living Blue Prints 16 Apartments.

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Assisted Living Consulting

Assisted Living Group Consultants are professionals who practice high quality and leading edge knowledge of the health care industry for assisted living. We can help you with start-up of a new facility and we provide an on-site Assisted Living Start-up Information consulting package. Click on assisted living consulting link to view all of our services.

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Hospice and Home Health Care

Home Health Care, provided by licensed personnel, is supportive health care provided in the patient's home. These services are on a part-time or intermittent basis for the treatment of an illness or injury, and covered by Medicare when skilled care is needed.

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